HAD BETTER meaning in hindi and had better , how it will be used in the sentences

Had Better Meaning In Hindi

  • Accha hoga
  • Accha Rahega
  • Salah Dena kuch Accha Karwane ke liye
  • Bhalae hona ke barein me batana , kisi ko
  • behetar hoga
  • theek hoga

Had Better Meaning In English

  • would be nice
  • would be great
  • would be good
  • may be good
  • tell about betterment to someone .

Sentences on HAD BETTER

  1. you had better run away from there before police come .

( Hindi — tumhari bhalae eshme hai ki tum wahan se bhag jao police ke aane se pehle )

2. you had better sit to study , if your father come , they will angry on you .

( Hindi — tumhari bhalae eshme hai ki tum padne ke liye bheth jao , barna tumahare pitaji agae to tumhe ghossha karenge )

3. you had better open your own shop , you will able to earn money easily .

( Hindi — tumhari bhalae ish me hai , tum apni khudki dukaan khollo , ashani se tum paise kama paogein )

4. News’s Anchor had better , if they do not print about those goons .

( Hindi — Accha hoga Newswalo ke liye , agar wahe gundon ke bare me nahi chaptein hain )

5. India had better , if does not buy sukhoi-57 aircraft because china has already buy sukhoi-57 aircraft .

( Hindi — India ke liye behtar hoga , agar sukhoi-57 biman nahi kharidta kyunki china sukhoi-57 pehle se kharid chuka hai )

6. Maharashtra’s government had better , if they do not probe on that girl’s case .

( Hindi — Maharashtra’s government ke bohot behtar hoga agar wahe ladi wale case par janch shooro na karein )

7. You had better , should declare about vaccine manifesto to public .

( Hindi — tumhari bhalae esh mein hai ki , vaccine ke ghoshna patr ke bare me ghoshna kar deni chahiye )

8. you had better , if you stop to tolerate him .

( Hindi — behetar tumhare liye , agar tum ushe sahan karna band karte ho )

9. you had better , you come to the party on the pretext of studying in friend’s house .

( Hindi — tumhare liye accha hoga , tum party mein aao dost ke ghar padne ke bahane )

10. you should learn had better meaning in hindi .

( Hindi — Tumhe had better meaning in hindi mein padni chahiye )

Enormous :-


MEANING IN ENGLISH :- Broad , wide , extensive , and vast


  1. When he was declaring about this agreement , A Enormous public had gathered .

( Hindi — Jab wahe ghosdna kar raha tha ish agreement ke barein mein , bohot vishal janta ekkathi hue )

2. he wants to make enormous to his business by the schemes of Government .

( Hindi — wahe apne karobaar ko bohot bada bana chata tha sarkar ki schemes ke duara )

3. Without India , chinese company will not able to make his enormous business .

( Hindi — bina india ke chinese company apne business ko vishal nahi bana payeinge )

4. When I had gone china . I had seen a enormous market there .

( Hindi — Jab mein china gaya tha toh mene ek bada market dekha tha wahan )

5. you had better if you make enormous to your business as soon as possible .

( Hindi — tumhare liye accha hoga agar tum apne karobaar ko phelalo jaldi se jaldi )

6. I learned a enormous typical topic which was Had better meaning in hindi .

( Hindi — mene ek bada kathin topic seekha wahe tha had better meaning in hindi )

LAP :-



  1. The sun had slept in lap of evening .

( Hindi — Suraj shaam ki god me sho gaya tha )

2. A newborn did not want to leave his mother’s lap .

( Hindi — ek baccha apni maa ki god nahi chodna chahata tha )

3. he got bad habit of sleeping in lap .

( Hindi — ushe god mein sone ki buri aadat lagai hai ) .

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