”Despite the fact that Meaning ” or Despite the fact that is a phrase which you can do up your fluency of your English and Here , you will read many Examples of

( Hindi — Jab kabhi bhi aap English mein baat kartein hain toh bohot kathin hota hai hindi sabdhon ki English meaning ko mein ke andar turant yaadkar ke bolna ) .


  1. Eshki hakikat ke babjud bhi
  2. kisi cheez ki sachai pata hona phir bhi bo kaam karna
  3. koe cheez hona ya hone wali hai sacchae pata hone babjood

Synonyms of Despite the fact that meaning : –

  1. admitting
  2. even supposing
  3. inspite the fact that

Despite the fact that meaning and use in the sentence

  1. Despite the fact that the exam was difficult , I had gone for exam .

( Hindi — Ish baat ke babjood ki pariksha kathin thee , magar mein exam dene gaya tha ) .

2. Despite the fact that Sweets was very sweet , I had eaten those .

( Hindi — Ish ke baat babjood ki mithaiyaan bohot mithee thee , phir bhi mene khaein thee )

3. Despite the fact that he is very powerful , you fought with him .

( Hindi — Ish ke babjood ki wahe bohot takatbar hai , phie bhi tum usse ladde )

4. Despite the fact that India are weak economically than China , India are buying more weapon than China .

( Hindi — Ish ke babjood ki India Aarthick shtithi me kamjoor hai china se , phir India Athiyar jyada khareed raha hai China se )

5. Despite the fact that he could not speak well English , you made him sing a song in English .

( Hindi — Ish ke babjood ki wahe acchi English Nahi bol pata hai , phir bhi tumne usse gaana gabuaaya )

6. Despite the fact that he is our principal , how did you courage to do this in front of him ?

( Hindi — Ish ke babjood ki wahe hamare principal hain , kaise tumne unke saamne sahas kiya yeh karne ka ? )

7. I knew that Despite the fact that he does not love me , I never left him .

( Hindi — Mein jaanta tha ki ish sachai ke babjood woh mere se pyaar nahi karta , phir mene usse kabhi nahi chooda )

8. Before this Article I did not know Despite the fact that meaning .

( Hindi — Ish Article pehle mujhe Despite the fact that meaning mujhe nahi pata tha )

9. Despite the fact that he is telling a lie , you believed on him .

( Hindi — Ish ke babjood ki wahe jhoot bol raha tha phir bhi tum ne ush par bharosha kiya )

10. Despite that fact that he was not accused , he is beaten by Police .

( Hindi — Ish ke babjood ki wahe upraadi nahi tha , phir bhi usko peeta gaaya Police ke duara )

11. Despite the fact that Gas cylinder is not there in my house , then also you will come in my house for birthday celebration .

( Hindi — Ish ke babjood ki mere ghar mein cylinder nahi hai , phir bhi tum mere ghar me aaoge janamdin manane ke liye )

12. If you want learn well English , you should learn Despite the fact that meaning and uses

( Hindi — Agar aap aachi English Seekna chatein hain , toh aapko despite the fact that meaning and uses aane chahiye )

13. Despite the fact that Crackers spreads pollution then also you used Crackers for celebrating diwali .

( Hindi — Ish ke babjood ki phatake pradushand phelatein hain phir bhi tumne diwali manane ke liye phatakein ishtemaal kiye )

14. Despite the fact that China had advanced armors in 1971 then also India fought to china Even Though India had been lost in 1971 war .

( Hindi — Ish ke babjood ki china ke advanced Athiyaar the phir bhi India ladda china se bhalehi India haar gaya tha )

15. Despite the fact that he is nothing short of anybody then also you demeaned him .

( Hindi — Ish ke baabjood ki wahe kisi se kam nahi hai phir bhi tumhne usse neecha de khaya )

16. Despite the fact that he already told you in front of everyone , you did not do his work .

( Hindi — Ishke baabjood ki ussne sabke saamne tumshe bola tha phir bhi tumne uska kaam nahi kiya )

17. Despite the fact that there is a world difference between a laptop and an iphone then also you bought an iphone .

( Hindi — Ishke baabjood ki Iphone aur laptop mein jameen aasman ka antar hai phir bhi tumne iphone kharida )

18. Despite the fact that he had not got good marks in college but he succeeded to get a very nice job .

( Hindi — Ishke baabjood ki uske acche marks nahi aaye college mein magar uske pass acchi job hai )

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