In this Article you will read about full information of berlin wall fell , why was made Berlin wall ? , what was the berlin wall and why had Germany to destroy berlin wall ?

What was the Berlin wall ?

this wall was a fortify barrier and it was work to separate to East Berlin and West Berlin from each other and it was 155 kilometer long Barrier before of Berlin wall fell .

And this Berlin wall enclosed to West Berlin from surrounding . So west Berlin would become as a exclave inside of German Democratic Republic .

Berlin wall was started to make in 1961 and it had been stand till 1989 .

why was Berlin wall Built ?

After the world war 1 and the world war 2 , forces of USA , France and United Kingdom reached Berlin , the city of Germany , and occupied to west Germany where as from other side USSR reached and Occupied to East Germany as well .

so Throughout the Germany and City Berlin had divided into four parts and took successfully by USA , UK , France and USSR .

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So AS you can see in Map , United kingdom succeeded to occupied on Green area , blue area occupied by France , In yellow area occupied by United state and Red area occupied by USSR .

Red area occupied by USSR and In red area a small area was exist , which were East Berlin and West Berlin .

So USSR got control on East Berlin , announced as a new city of USSR and Name was German Democratic Republic ( GDR ) .

German Democratic Republic was not democratic country but worked as dictator to neighboring countries .

And western part of Germany occupied and controlled by UK , USA , and FRANCE . west Germany turned into Federal Republic of Germany ( FRG ) .

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In brown line indicate to Berlin Wall , enclosed completely to West Berlin and 45 kilometer berlin wall touched to East Berlin , which controlled by USSR .

The Construction of Berlin wall

The construction was started of berlin wall in 1961 , had to do because citizens of East Germany escaped into West Germany without permission but after 30 year berlin wall fell .

Dictator Government did not allow for moving on east to west Berlin Quietly to citizens that’s why berlin wall had to construct and at last berlin wall fell .

citizens wanted good living condition , democracy and A government doing according to citizens but west Berlin government worked according to USSR That’s why citizens wanted to leave East Berlin .

where as In West Berlin , democracy existed for citizens .

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Above picture show Berlin wall ,across it many soldiers deployed and landmine for kill to escaping citizens .

why did Berlin wall very important ?

Berlin wall was completed during cold war and this wall worked as a border between USA , UK and France occupied area and USSR Occupied area .

Main Enemies of Cold war were NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organisation / USA / Western Bloc and in the other hand WARSAW PACT / USSR / Eastern BLOC .

A border was exist between NATO / Western BLOC and USSR / Eastern BLOC and Winston Churchill gave name of this border and name was IRON CURTAIN .

Winston Churchill was president of USA during cold war and Berlin wall was a small part of Iron curtain border line .

The causes of Berlin Wall Fell

There were many causes of Berlin Wall Fell the one was policies of USSR ,

Policies of USSR

In 1983 , the new General Secretary of USSR was MIKHAIL GORBACHEV’s and So Two new policies formed by Mikhail Gorbachev’s , the one was Glassnost and second was Perestroika .


Due to Glassnost policy , Newspaper could print news freely of USSR and media as well and it was all about berlin wall fell .

Due to Perestroika , USSR tried to make its economy strong by socially , USSR wanted to improve trades in all countries .

Mikhail Gorbachev had ambition of USSR again to be Economically Strong country .

but As soon as Gorbachev gave highly independence to media , newspaper and cities of USSR , So Many revolutions were done by countries of USSR whose wanted to make separate country .

So USSR disintegrated with coming time and that was big cause of Berlin wall fell .

Mikhail Gorbachev decided ” USSR will not send its army to stopping any protest in East Europe now onwards ” .

because USSR already had sent its army to stopping protest in Austria-Hungary in 1956 and lots of protesters had been killed by USSR Army .

So In 1983 , USSR decided to stopping interfere of it in the world’s politics .

And other Eastern countries whose depended on USSR , so that dependency had gone that was on USSR after 7 year berlin wall fell .

Visit of Ronald Raegan in WEST BERLIN

In 1887 , Ronald Raegan visited in west Berlin and gave her speech near Brandenburg gate .

Ronald Raegan spoke that ” Mr Gorbachev , fell down this wall if you want peace between USSR and USA ” then after 2 years finally Berlin wall fell down .

visiting of Ronald Raegan in Berlin was a exceptional historically moment during cold war .

USSR was running down economically .

Many Revolutions was done by Countries of USSR due to glassnost and Perestroika for Independence .

Hungary and Poland removed restrictions on joined border to iron curtain therefore migration of many citizens was happened on border what was joined to iron curtain .

So migration of Citizens had been started across the iron curtain that’s why Barrier of iron curtain had become weak .

Protests in East Germany by public

In August to October of 1989 , large protests was done by East German public for a democratic government , freedom of migration or movement and make up of weak economy and raise up of national debt of East Germany .

In 1989 October , General Secretary ( belonged to SED party communist ) of East Berlin gave his post to a new leader So political leadership had changed in East Berlin .

Government announced about restriction of Berlin wall .

The government spokeperson of East Berlin , Gunter Schabowski announced that ” Citizens can migrate from east to west Berlin ” in conference of 9 November 1889 and it was all about berlin wall fell .

But Spokeperson forgot to announce legal steps of migration east to west Berlin like forgot to announce about migration with Visa .

4,00,000 citizens of East Berlin gathered near Berlin Wall within 3 days by the taking of wrong virtue of Government announcement on 9 November 1889 .

when a huge crowd gathered near Berlin wall so Guards had not any option to stop them , then Guards allow them for migration from checkpoints otherwise many citizens were trying to demolish the wall by hammers and other iron weapons .

Migration of 4,00,000 Citizens

So 4,00,000 citizens succeeded to migrate from East to West Berlin within 3 days then climbing over the wall and celebrated the moment by them .

After 6 month , In June 1990 East Berlin Government was started to destroy the Berlin . it took 18 month for complete removing to Berlin Wall so completety berlin wall fell .

Much Graffiti done by people on Berlin wall and written many messages in wall by graffiti that’s why it was very famous in west Germany .

Government of East Germany held elections after 4 month and it was first time in 40 years in East Germany .

election held in democratic way and there was a coalition of parties and Aim was of this Re – unification of Germany . that’s what party won in Election .

On 3 October 1990 , German Democratic Republic was over in the view of Existence as well as in map .

Again East Germany and West Germany reunified in 3 October 1990 so this was all about berlin wall fell .

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