For first part of world war 1 history Since Russia had signed peace agreement with Germany so War was ended in east front so remaining or free soldiers of east front ( Germany Russia border ) Germany wanted to send in west fronts .

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How did Britain and France win the war against Germany ?

So after deploying soldiers by Germany in west Front , Germany thought that have more chance for win but it could not happen .

because USA also deployed their soldiers with Britain and France in west front against Germany this make long world war 1 essay .

And Every day 10,000 soldiers were going to the war from America to France .

1918 , world war 1 essay

In 1918 , Allied armies attacked toward Balkans , Ottoman empire , Austria-Hungary and Italy .

And Allied Armies succeeded to beat Ottoman empire , Austria-Hungary , and Germany in war .

In the last , Germany was defeated because America sent soldiers Continuously in France during war .

Finally In 11 November 1918 , Germany was signed ceasefire agreement on 11 am and this is important point of world war 1 essay .


But this was not completely peace agreement . this was only as a ceasefire .

Treaty of Versailles-28 June 1919

After 6 month long discussion . A treaty was signed name treaty of Versailles .

this treaty was signed in Palace Of Versailles located at little outside of Paris .

How had border change of European empires ?

So many soldiers of countries had dead and completely responsibility of war imposed on Central power or mainly Germany .

After ceasefire many borders of central and eastern Europe had changed by leaders as well as African colonies .

Germany had having to paid heavy war reparation .

this heavy reparation Germany could not paid by 2010 .

Colonies of Germany was split between Britain and France .

USA did not take any colony because USA was against imperialism .

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why does say graveyard of Empire to world war 1 ?

Four Big Empires had been finished as soon as over this war .

  1. German Empire ruled by Hohenzollern dynasty .
  2. Austrian-Hungarian Empire ruled by Habsburgs dynasty .
  3. Russian Empire ruled by Romanov dynasty .
  4. Ottoman Empire ruled by Caliphate Dynasty .

How was ottoman empire finished ?

the king of Ottoman Empire known as Caliph who was popular shepherd (guild of religion) of world whole Muslim community .

Caliph had big respect by muslims .

Since Ottoman Empire had defeated .

then Britain started take over on Ottoman Empire and decided to get over of Caliph by throne of ottoman Empire .

Britain announced to Ottoman Empire that No one would not make king of this empire whether from Britain or from ottoman empire .

So because of Britain Actions Many movement were happened in the world.

what was affect of world war 1 on India ?

A movement of those was Khilafat movement were happened in India during movements of freedom of India .

Finally Britain managed to get over to Caliph from throne of Ottoman Empire and Khilafat movement had failed .

New Countries By Disintegration Of Empires

Austirian-Hungary Empire turned into four new countries Austria , Hungary , Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia and this is remembering point of world war 1 essay .

Russian and Germany Empire turned into five new countries Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania , Poland and Finland .

In middle East A mandate of Palestine country made by Balfour declaration

Remaining Area of Middle East division and gone among Britain , France and Germany by Sykes Picot Agreement .

Ottoman Empire succeeded to took only today’s Turkey area or country .

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How all was technology improved in world war 1 ?

  • Radio was invented by Marconi important from world war 1 essay .
  • Armoured car was manufactured in which metal plating on car surfaces for stopping to enter bullet inside the Car .
  • Britain manufactured Tanks that run over the barbed wire .
  • U boat Submarines manufactured by Germany , succeeded to sinking many ships underwater .
  • Machine Guns first time manufactured by Britain .
  • Mustard Gas invented , chemical warfare was started in world war 1 and millions of soldier had killed because of mustard gas in west front and Germany and United kingdom used alot .
  • First time plane used in war in bombing .
  • these all above points are very important for your exam from world war 1 essay .

Effects of world war 1

health issues and deaths

Million of people had dead due to Disease and infection from rain near trenches .

And that time Antibiotic did not invented .

first time Antibiotic invented by Alexander Fleming name was penicillin .

Spanish flu effect on world war 1

In 1918 , Spanish flu spread in Spain , throughout the Europe and west America .

50 million people passed away by Spanish flu within 1918-1920 .

Many soldiers became inbalance psychologically because bombardment sounds .

And when census was happened in Europe male numbers ration less than female numbers .

this was very important points from world war 1 essay .

Impact on social and cultural

Writer Ernest Hemingway wrote book on world war 1 .

thought of fight and make to be superior country or great country had been finished with world war 1 essay .

thought about young soldiers should fight in a war had been over .

All male people went to take fight in war So all women were having to work in factories in place of men .

After Even Women managed to take rights for voting in western Countries .

Suffragate movement ran by women to taking right for voting .

Hitler’s party national socialist risen in Germany or Weimar republic .

After world war 1 Germany had changed her name into WEIMAR REPUBLIC

Impact on Economies

this will important part of world war 1 essay .

Great Britain was a very rich country But During world war 1

Britain as well as France got loans from USA .

So Britain and France turned into debtor of USA .

Instead of loans , USA grew his Economy by 1929s .

Political impact

Britain and France gained strength because succeeded to get colonies and resources of Germany .

USA was about to be a Super Power because played important role in League of Nation and Treaty of Versailles .

Above part very important from world war 1 essay .

Risen of Hitler

Risen of Hitler’s national socialist party or Nazi party in Germany .

Hitler won election and make his government in Germany by 1931 , this was important part of world war 1 essay .

After get over of Ottoman empire , kamal ataturk did revolution in Turkey , became to be secularism country .

A first international group made League of Nation for avoiding war between countries but it failed because League of Nation could not avoid to world war 2 in 1939 .


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