starting of the cold war timelines Till 1970 cold war influence among the countries were decreased . First time Ricard Nixon president of America visited China in 1972 . till 1972 America did not recognisation .

But After 1972 visit of president of America , Ricard Nixon did set up diplomatic Relation with China then America started trades and business with China and it comes in the Cold war timelines

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A policy between of USSR and US

A policy was signed between USSR and US which was a French word DETENTE meaning of this word in English is Co-operation .

by this policy USSR and US would be decrease their aggressiveness for each other .

In DETENTE , A treaty signed between USSR and USA which was STRATEGIC ARMS LIMITATION TALKS ( SALT 1 ) in 1973 .

SALT 2 in 1979 failed because America did not signed on this treaty and this was a big the cold war timelines .

So SALT-1 treaty was that Both USSR and US would reduce their nuclear weapons and both was agreed with this treaty .

Second condition of treaty was that reduction and stop manufacturing of Anti Ballistic Missile .

After this treaty , difference of USSR and US was sink .

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Soviet Union sent their troops in Afganistan

In 1979 USSR or Soviet Union sent their troops for help of newly formed communist government in Afghanistan .

Again differences increased between USSR and USA because of USSR action in Afghanistan .

America felted that USSR again want to increase communism in Afghanistan because a new communism government was formed in Afghanistan .

So America started to support rebels of Afghanistan who was against communist government of Afghanistan .

And that’s who rebel was Mujaheedin , America helped to Mujaheedin with Money and weapons and this was the cold war timelines .

why did help to Pakistan in indo-pak 1971 war?

Pakistan , neighbor of Afghanistan , Pakistan was stand by America help to Afghanistan to supplying weapons and money from Pakistan to inside of Afghanistan against USSR .

Therefore In 1971 , America helped Pakistan in indo-pak war 1971 .

Causes of Activities of USA and USSR in Afghanistan , Policies what signed SALT-1 was between America and Soviet Union ended and this was the cold war timelines .

The cold war timelines in 1980s

In 1980s , Ronald Reagan turned into President of America by Election .

Olympics were happened in MOSCOW in 1980 .

America and other western countries did boycotts to this Olympic of Moscow .

and When Olympic was happened in Los Angeles in 1984 so USSR and their partner countries did boycotts to Olympic of Los Angeles .

what happen when was Ronald Reagan turn president of America ?

As soon as Ronald Reagan become president of America , Ronald Raegan started to spend huge money on weapons , Navy , Air forces and Army .

America started to make advanced missiles and Weapons and this was the cold war timelines .

Where as USSR and their economy was turning into weak economy .

America gave warning to USSR that was America would deploy missiles in space and media gave name of this fight StarWar .

BUT It could not happen ever by America and this was the cold war timelines .

In the other hand USSR lost his capability to make deployment of missiles in space because of their weak economy .

NATO military exercise in 1983

A Big Military exercise was happened by NATO Countries and the name was of that Military exercise ABLE ARCHER .


and As soon as Russia knew about this Military exercise , USSR felted that NATO would going to attack on itself and this was the cold war timelines .

SO USSR Again deployed missile and ready to fire on NATO like Cuban missile crisis but again USSR could not fire .

In 1983 , USSR attacked or shot to South Korean civilian plane and All passengers were dead .

Because USSR felted that South Korea plane was spying its .

In 1985 , A new General Secretary of USSR , who Mikhail Gorbachev was .

Reduction of stress of cold war

As soon as Mikhail Gorbachev became a New General Secretary of Communist of USSR .

From here , reduction of stress of cold war had started .

Because Mikhail Gorbachev bought new reforms , policy and strategies to increasing economy and this was a big cold war timelines .

Mikhail Gorbachev knew that growth of communist economy would not able to beat to Growth of Capitalist economy .

and Mikhail Gorbachev wanted to accelerate growth of communist economy that’s why Mikhail was having to take new reforms .

Mikhail Gorbachev did some changes in Government

Cause of these all changes , USSR was disintegrate in countries but it succeeded to stop cold war between USSR and USA .

  • Freedom to speech was included in changes and this was not available before 1985 .
  • Easing of media censorship ——- Now Media of other countries may have printed news of USSR but even this was not available without permission of USSR before 1985 .
  • Government records again declassified .
  • before 1985 , High authority people selected leaders but after 1985 election started among member of soviet party members but always party was only one Soviet .
  • USSR allowed to foreign investment and this was the cold war timelines .
  • USSR allowed to people who may have opened private owned business .
  • because of these policies , Iron curtain had removed

After Iron Curtain fell down

After the Iron curtain fell down , By the changed policies of USSR by Mikhail . Poland , Austria Hungary and Romania controlled by Moscow was Communist government .

By the changed Rule of USSR , Poland , Romania and Austria-Hungary was demanding independence From communism .

And all war of act countries wanted to remove to communist Government .

In 1989 , Many peaceful revolutions were done in Poland , Austria-Hungary and other neighbor countries except Romania .

And this USSR was not send its army in Poland and Austria-Hungary during revolutions .

In 1989 , Berlin wall fell down because of cuban missile crisis war .

In 1989 , Georg Bush senior who was president of America , announced that The cold war is over Now and this was the cold war timelines .

So The Cold war had ended in 1989 and this was the cold war timelines

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In 1990 , East Germany and West Germany successfully had united .

In 1991 , Soviet Union had disintegrated and its 15 sub National Soviets was become independent countries .

From 1985 to 1991 , Due to Mikhail reforms America started hold meeting with USSR .

USSR agreed for de-escalation , take back their army from Afghanistan and limiting or reduction of its Nuclear Weapons .

December 1991 , Mikhail Gorbachev’s ran out from Power and USSR Successfully disintegrated .

After The End Of Cold War

During the Cold war , world was divided into USA and USSR ( Bipolar ) But After the end of cold war , world was only Unipolar .

After the end of the cold war , America had come only as a Superpower and this was the cold war timelines .

Russia economy had down and out badly because risen of recession in economy of Russia .

Many Conflicts were done in Yugoslavia Balkan state , IRAQ WAR and Afghanistan war .

SO today many have nuclear weapons and possibilities is very less than the cold war .


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