In Turkey , this war know as a Battle of Canakkale . this was happened big fight during World war 1 and Battle of Gallipoli WW1 was bloodiest fight because the most of soldier had dead according to record of previous deaths of soldiers .

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when was the battle of Gallipoli ww1 started ?

this war ran throughout one year between Ottoman Empire and Allied Forces and this began 17 February 1915 and ended 9 January 1916 So this was the Battle of Gallipoli WW1 .

10,000 soldiers were carried off from Ottoman Empire and Allied forces .

A Canakkale city is near to Gallipoli Peninsula . Allied power wanted to control on straits of Dardenelles .

Since it was began 17 February 1915 and August 1915 , allied power had know that they will not able to take control on Straits of Dardenelles .

So Allied power started withdraw theirs soldiers in December 1915 and then finally In 9th January 1916 All soldiers of Allied power had been move back.

So Mainly War was happened between Ottoman Empire and Allied forces .

How was started the Battle of Gallipoli WW1 ?

So mainly War was happened between ottoman empire and Allied Forces .

In the side of Allied forces United Kingdom , France , Soldiers of British India , Australia and New Zealand .

that time Australia and New Zealand were part of British Empire during Battle of Gallipoli WW1 .

And target of Allied forces had to capture Istanbul .

Many British and french soldiers entered in Gallipoli peninsula by ships and contributed .

if Allied captured land of both side of straits of Dardenelles , Allied was able to captured straits .

why did Allied forces tried to capture Istanbul ?

In 1915 March , War was carrying on between Germany and France then After war had been stalemated between Germany and France in the Trenches .

Since War had been stopped , so Winston Churchill after who was to be prime minister of Britain .

So Winston Churchill gave an idea and he controlled British Navy .

the Idea was that Allied forces attacks on Ottoman Empire and captured on straits of Dardenelles and reached Costantinople .


So Ships of Allied forces did bombardment on the forts of Ottoman Empire .

Ships could not demolish completely to forts then Allied decided to do land invasion in ottoman Empire .

millions of soldiers went to land of ottoman Empire by boats and this is called amphibious landing .

Even here same stalemate’s condition had come between Allied forces and Ottoman Empire .

Many soldiers suffered from diseases because weather changing and raining .

It was to having evacuated to many soldiers during war .

Allies call back to soldier during Battle of Gallipoli WW1

In November 1915 , Allied forces decided that we would have to call back our soldiers from Canakkale .

because of lots of Casualties by disease and infection .

Allied forces took one month for withdrawing their soldiers .

Soldiers of many countries had been carried off during the battle of Gallipoli WW1 .

Casualties during Battle of Gallipoli

  • British 35,000 soldiers had been dead .
  • French soldiers 10,000 had been carried off .
  • 8,700 soldiers of Australia .
  • 2,700 New Zealand soldiers .
  • 1,400 Indian Soldiers .
  • 60,000 Turkish soldiers .

97,000 soldiers of Ottoman Empire were injured .

So total soldiers from both sides 600,000 injured .

and 1,50,000 soldier were dead .

After The Battle of Gallipoli

In United Kingdom , Winston Churchill got demotion due to failure action on ottoman empire of Winston Churchill .

But Again Winston Churchill succeeded to redeem itself in his position during World War 2 .

Ottoman managed to push back Allies soldiers but Resources of Ottoman Empire decreased .

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s leadership risen in good point of view in ottoman Empire and ruled throughout 15 year .

And world war 1 ran continue for 2 year and ottoman empire was with Germany and Austria-Hungary Empire were lost the world war 1 .

New Legacy After Battle of Gallipoli WW1

After pushing back Allied forces , this was a great victory of ottoman Empire during one Centuary .

Turkish Identity was very up after pushing back allied forces soldiers .

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk established a new islamic country which was Turkey after Gallipoli .

After some year Mustafa kemal Ataturk became president of turkey .

how was ottoman empire disintegrated ?

Memorial of ANZAC soldiers


and Mustafa wrote a letter to mothers of martyr soldiers of Austria and New Zealand .

In that letter , Since Australian and New Zealander soldiers dead in land of ottoman empire so we would accept them as our empire soldiers .

So In Turkey A memorial were made in respect of Australian and new zealander martyr soldiers .

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What is ANZAC Day ?

Since Australian soldiers and New Zealanders fought with Britisher against Ottoman Empire .

That all soldiers of Australia and New Zealand had martyred in the battle of Gallipoli ww1 .

In the respect of martyr soldiers , A day celebrate on 25 April that is ANZAC DAY because Australian and New Zealander soldiers were landed on 25 April in Area of ottoman Empire .

Tributes and Parades does in the respect of these martyr soldiers in Australia and New Zealand .

A join ceremony happen among representative of Turkey , Australia and New Zealand .

why does turkey always support to Pakistan ?

Because Turkey want to be superpower or Big powerful country in compare of other Muslim country .

Turkey have not good relation with other big Muslim country like Saudi Arabia , Iran , and Dubai .

So Turkey want to nuclear stand of Pakistan .

If Turkey had good relation with Pakistan , it would have come help of Turkey .

that’s why Turkey supports to Pakistan .


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