First of all we are to know what was Us and Soviet union cold war ? USA ( United state america ) and USSR ( Soviet Union ) .

what was US and Soviet union cold war ?

The cold war was a geopolitical tension between the two states . this cold war ran upto 45 year and these two states were the soviet union with its satellite states and The United States with NATO allies .

UK , France , Luxemburg , Spain , Italy , Germany these all are NATO allies and these all western countries was with United state America .

Another side was Eastern Bloc Soviet union , Poland ,Hungary , Bulgaria , Romania , and East Germany .

US and Soviet union cold war ran from 1947 to 1991 . Some historians assumes to end of this war to 1999 and Some people says that there is no fix date of this war .

it is also known as a ‘Era’ .

Why does we call it COLD WAR ?

Reason behind COLD WAR there was no combat or direct physcal fight between US and Soviet Union .

Throughout 45 years a lot of proxy war was done in Korea , Vietnam , Afganistan .

proxy war

proxy war we can define as —- when Country A does fight with Country B but soviet union enter into this and does support to Country A where as United state enter into this fight and does support to Country B .

so United state and soviet union fought indirectly . but mainly fight was between Country A and Country B . This is called proxy war .

Characteristic of the cold war

  • In one side United state was a capatalist economy and another side Soviet Union was a communist economy .
  • Most of countries did not trust on another country , countries did think about another that which country in the influence of capatalism or communism .
  • United state and soviet union wanted to run forward to each others So United state and Soviet union had make huge amount of weapons during this Era .
  • During this Era lots of story you would heard of surveillance or spying and much of surveillance activities was done by United state and soviet Union for each others .
  • both united state and soviet union wanted a good image or personality on infront of another country , both states tried to make positive think about itself .
  • Sometime america said that soviet union is a Evil empior .
  • Brinkmanship —- during this Era many countries tried to do nuclear attacks , nuclear attacks warning , many tests of nuclear weapons by this many countries deny to all this .
  • whenever in this cold war any country given warning to another country after sometime that’s what country turn back with excuses .

Nuclear capability

US and Soviet union cold war never turned into hot because of nuclear weapons . United state and soviet union succeeded to prepare nuclear weapons in huge amount quantity .

In US and soviet union cold war , america and soviet union had nuclear weapons in much quantity by this quantity earth can finished many times .

the beginnings of us and soviet union cold war

Some historians says US and soviet union cold war was started from time of russian revolution in 1917 .

after russian revolution , a russian civil war was happened

In russian civil war there were two sides one was Red side and another was White side ,

Red side was communist at the end of this civil war , red had won .

And whites was supported by western countries like USA , France and united kingdom .

After end of civil war , In 1922 soviet union was established

many western countries did not give recognition to soviet union upto few years .

Finally 1933 diplomatic relation was established between United state and soviet union .

And in this time leader of soviet union joseph stalin .

after some years joseph stalin was turned into Dictatorial leader .

joseph stalin did many changes in rules and government of soviet union .

when second world war was started united state and soviet union both were allies against Nazy jermany ( axis power ) .

since germany attacked on soviet union two times in world war 1 and world war 2 .

so soviet did not want risk by germany therefore soviet union wanted to make a buffer zone .

that all could happened by the countries of eastern and central Europe .

then after eastern and central Europe made buffer of soviet union between Germany .

Another United state tried to increase his influence on France , Japan , West Germany and Korea by financially help and america did stand persons in politics of Korea , Japan and France , who people loved or supported to capitalism .

carry on this till 1947 an iron curtain has spread over the continent by winston churcill was prime minister of England till 1945 .

west Germany , France , United kingdom were capitalist countries .

but west Germany occupied by America , France and United Kingdom .

and remaining part of Germany occupied by soviet union .

communist government were going to make in Bulgaria , Romania and Hungary .

so complete Europe was seperating into two part by Iron curtain .

Green bold line is IRON CURTAIN

SO this green LINE is IRON CURTAIN and growing policy of soviet Union , America made policy against growing power of soviet union .

America made 2 – 3 policies .

containment policy

was to stop influence or growing communism of soviet union , america did not want to france , United kingdom turn into communism .

marshal plan

this plan of america was that america would give money to France , United kingdom , Germany to reset his economy or construction what all destroy was destroyed during world war .

Trueman doctrine 1947

this policy was to support who all countries were against communism . if communism impose on vietnam , korea , etc so america will help for those who do not want to turn into communism .

In korean war USA supported to south Korea .

USA did support to many anti communist governance in whole world .

In south America many communist protest were going on . so CIA gave money to stop protest .

as you can see in above image orange colour portion is soviet union communism and in red potion china exist communism as well .

at that time some Europe countries have become communist and United state wanted to stop spreading communism in france , india and australia , because 1950 communism a famous philosophy and attractive thing .

the berlin blockade , 1948

this was a first event of US and soviet union cold war

west Germany in blue and east Germany in red

As in above blue area west Germany occupied by United state , France and United Kingdom where as Red area east Germany occupied by Soviet Union

as you can see a small portion in light Green which was BERLIN country and Half Berlin occupied by soviet union and half occupied by US , UK and France .

since BERLIN completely surrounded by soviet Union for taking complete berlin ,soviet union stopped supply chain by train which was come west Germany .

so after this United state sent supply by air drops after one year soviet union’s blockade plan had been failed .

In 1949 of us and soviet union cold war

After Berlin blockade , America felt do something very strong against soviet union .

formation of NATO

America did formation of NATO during us and soviet union cold war . In NATO was many allies countries of america .

like united kingdom , France , Norway , Belgium , all of these formed NATO at once .

this was mainly a military organization who worked to stop soviet union moving during this US and soviet union cold war .


soviet union tested its first nuclear weapon

America already have nuclear bombs and America dropped his bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki .

so soviet union showed his power to america and his allies through atoms bombs during US and soviet union cold war in 1949 .

In 1949 Since east and central Europe occupied by soviet Union .

soviet union has turned communist to east and central of Europe .

the contours are clear

it has cleared in 1950 , this were going a fight those countries before five years us and soviet union at once was beat to Germany and Japan in world war .

now both us and soviet union were fighting to each other .

And this also was a Ideological War —

capitalism / consumerism / democracy — united state


communism / socialism / totalitarianism — soviet union

During this US and soviet union cold war .

the nuclear angle

In human history first time world had a weapon by which thousand of people or millions of people could died by atom bomb .

since us and soviet union had nuclear weapons or bomb .

therefore both us and soviet union were fearing to dropping of atom bombs to each other .

that’s why us and soviet union never did drop atom bomb on each other .

therefore US and soviet union cold war never was turned into ‘ hot ‘ war .

if Us and soviet union had dropped atom bomb on each other so human race would not exist .

As you know when america was drop atom bomb by plane on Hiroshima ( japan ) .

so atom bomb could not drop over soviet union by plane because many Defence system had prepared .

SO america and soviet union developed ballistic missiles which have long range .

ballistic missile carry atom bomb and can fire with bomb , destroy targets at very long range .

by the development of ballistic missile , made ICBM ( inter continental ballistic missile ) and its warhead can carry atom bombs during this US and soviet union cold war .

Korean war 1950-53

first proxy war in Korea war between Us and soviet union cold war .

when world war 2 was finished , soviet union occupied north korea from north side where as united state occupied south korea from south side .

38 parallal border was present here between north and south korea .

after this north and south korea was turned into two different countries as like east and west Germany .

In 1950 war started between north and south korea .

since north korea was communist and south korea was capitalist in favour of america .

after some time stalement was done . there was no one country win this war .

armies of both north and south Korea stopped at 38 parallal line border .

so A ceasefire agreement was signed between north and south korea .

border of 38 parallal line has changed now these days .

As you can see a red dark line zig zak in above map .

the domino theory in 1950

american policy said that all of countries of asia was turning into communist country during this US and soviet union cold war .

first china turned into communist , second Korea , third vietnam , fourth Laos , cambodia and thailand , malaya , burma , india could be communist .

1950s-Escalation of us and soviet union cold war .

In 1953 joseph stalin had been died after this a new leader was Nikita Khrushchev in soviet union .

In another election was happened in usa , also a new leader of usa was Eisenhower .

In 1955 Formation of WARSAW by soviet union .

one side was NATO countries and other side was WARSAW pact countries

SPACE RACE OF Us and soviet union cold war .

first satellite sent in space by Soviet Union .

first time man sent in space by soviet union .

first reached country on moon was United state .

In 1950 Soviet union did supported to colonial government in Asia , Latin America , and africa , who politicians wanted to make communist government in her country .

for example ;- Vietnam was a France colony , in vietnam gorillas wanted a communist government in vietnam so Soviet Union supported to gorillas .

Even america did not like colonial government and did not want to come communism in other countries so America supported to dictators to stop communism in IRAN , CHILE , BRAZIL , DOMINICA etc .

In 1956 , Hungary was a communist country , Hungarians students did revolution in Hungary against communism , it succeeded to setup his government .

but after some days soviet union sent his army and crushed hungarian students revolution .

1956 , Suez crisis Suez Canal located at Egypt , suel canal made by England so Egypt tried to occupied to suez canal or nationalize against it Israel , France , England tried to attack on Egypt .

soviet union warned to England , France and Israel for take back their armies .

Soviet Union did stand by Egypt in suez crisis during US and soviet union cold war .

then America did pressurize to take back their armies to England , France and Israel otherwise nuclear war might have happened .

In 1950s War in indochina ( vietnam , laos , combodia regions ) —- during Us and soviet union cold war , indochina war rose , local people were fighting against france .

And china , soviet union supported to locals or gorillas of indochina region .

the non-Aligned countries

leader of this group India , Indonesia and Egypt . the meaning of this group was who all countries exist in it , they were not stand by neither America nor soviet union at that time .

The non aligned countries is also known as the three world order .

first world order countries —- Capitalism ( north america , europe )

second order countries —- Communism ( soviet union , north Asia )

third order countries —– south Asia countries , south america countries , south africa countries .

U2 plane incident in cold war 1960s

A U2 plane was flown by America over Russia for spying but this plane was crashed , alive pilot was arrested by soviet union .

soviet union blaimed on America for spying .

A Paris submit had to do between america and soviet union for finishing US and soviet union cold war .

so this submit had failed cause of spying of soviet union by america .

In 1961 Berlin wall had made around west Berlin , constructed by east Berlin .

the cause of making this wall , people run away from east Berlin to west Berlin without permission or asking to government , People did not want to stay in communism country .

when the construction of this wall was started , tension was increased between US and soviet union .

Cuban missile crisis 1962

Cuban missile crises was happened in 1962 . 3 year ago a communist government turned into power . Fidel Castro was a gorilla fighter after revolution .

Fidel castro become prime minister was in power for 50 years .

so a communist government had come in power .

since cuba came in north america so Soviet Union wanted to take a chance to put his missiles systems in Cuba .

soviet union succeeded to make his nuclear base in Cuba .

but America presserise on Cuba for removing USSR nuclear bases .

so America blockade to cuba because cuba surrounding by water area , america stopped ships of soviet Union whenever coming in cuba .

sometimes clashes were about to happen between US Navy and soviet union navy but could not happen at the end during this US and soviet union cold war .

1962 Sino Soviet split

soviet union and china were supported to each other in US and soviet union cold war .

the split of china and soviet union due to some ideological differences .

Mao Zaong was a leader of people Republic of china , Mao said policy of communism and real communism has leaved by soviet union .

but support of china and soviet union carried on to gorillas in vietnam .

the Vietnam war was increasing up in 1960s and many american soldiers , many gorilla fighters were carried off or died in Vietnam war .

In this war , people republic of china and soviet union were supporting to north vietnam after split of china and soviet union .

And America was supporting to south Vietnam .

Finally North Vietnam won and south Vietnam was lost this war during this US and soviet union cold war .

remaining part of this US and soviet union cold war would in next post .

if you want to read india china 1962 War

indian naval ships and submarines

full name of NATO , UNICEF , ISRO


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