Today we are discussing list of Indian naval ships and submarines and indian naval equipments . Many of name of list of indian naval ships and submarines you would not hear before .

And it all would like Torpedo , Varunastra , shyena , mareech advanced torpedo defence system .

Torpedo list of Indian naval ships and submarines


Torpedo is such type of weapon system that does propelled underwater then it destroy enemy tarket and it has explosive warhead .

this torpedo comes in use to destroy underwater targets as well as overwater targets .

a torpedo consist of propelled system , guildance system , warhead and other electronic component whether that is measurement unit .

when we launch it underwater so this launch by ships and submaries and when we have to launched overwater so torpedo launched by helicopters .

And this torpedo comes in list of indian naval ships and submaries .

propelled system

As you normal missiles use oxygen for burning his fuel But underwater missiles does not able to use oxygen so where comes in use propulsion system .

types of propulsion system

first —- like In diesel electric submarines , there does a propeller in electric motor which does circulation by fuel .

second —- by the use of this fuel and oxidisers mix up with fuel , we call it auto fuel .


we call to this SONAR system at one end of torpedo like behind conical shape , this does cover to wide area and this is in three modes active , passive and active passive mode .

these modes use when navy want to exercise , practice and war according to condition .

proximity fuse

when your torpedo guild by wire in that case you have a control when you want ignite your warhead .

when your torpedo goes near to target , his active system automatically activate warhead of your torpedo at particular distance from the target .

Electronic Gyro hydrostate

this system help like when you want to fire your torpedo at specific point but when your torpedo move inside water a drift force of water will act on your torpedo .

your torpedo can disturb to reach your target by this system your torpedo will not able to disturb to reach your target and there will no affect on torpedo accuracy cause of this system .

Varunastra torpedo

varunastra is a torpedo of indian naval , this is a very heavy advanced torpedo and this torpedo carries 250 kg of explosives at a speed of around 40 nautical miles an hour .

what is nautical miles ?

nautical is unit of distance which use in maritile domain . this comes in use ocean related works .

1 nautical mile = 1.85 kilometre

SO now again comes in varunastra . this varunastra can be launced from ships as well as submarines .

this varunastra comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines weapons

this varunastra designed by NSTL( Naval science and technology laboratory) and this will manufacture in BDL ( Bharat dynamic limited ) .

what is NSTL ?

NSTL ( naval science and technology laboratory ) is a laboratory of DRDO ( Defence research and development organisation ) . this NSTL Laboratory located in visakhapatnakam .

Shyena torpedo

Shyena torpedo is a advanced light torpedo . this is designed by NSTL ( naval science and technology laboratory ) as well and even this is manufactured by BDL ( Bharat dynamic limited ) .

shyena torpedo can be launched from a ship , submarine or a helicopter as well .

Even this torpedo comes in list of indian naval ship and submarines weapons .

full forms

Mareech advanced torpedo defence system

this torpedo defence system does help to find and save from enemies torpedoes .

this torpedo defence system is made compeletely by india .

this Defence system has sonars system for detection and decoy counter measures to protect india’s warships .

What is SONAR system ?

SONAR mean is Sound Navigation and Ranging , this system use sound and navigate target how much is far .

SONAR does decoy countermeasures means gives hoax or spoof to enemies due to this enemy will not able find our actual location .

SO mareech defence system has both detection and decoy countermeasure technique . this defence system comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines saviour weapons .


Submarines exist in underwater and it come in use for navigation , survellance and attack as well .

modern submarines can launch ballistic missile .

Arihant class submarines

All submarines of Arihant class submarines generate nuclear power by which power of these submarines become endless and they are able to stay or live underwater for long time .

Submarines has no problem to stay inside of water by virtue of fuel but there does limitation for crew members by virtue of food .

In submarines underwater food for crew members become finished itself atlast .

these submarines can able take K15 OR K4 submarine launch ballistic missiles .

INS Aridhaman and INS Arihant comes in these class submarines .

INS Arihant Commissioned underwater in 2016 .

INS Aridhaman will commissioned underwater after few improvements .

these two INS Aridhaman and INS Arihant comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines .

INS Chakra :-

INS Chakra is a nuclear power attack submarines . this submarine is not made inside india . INS chakra taken on a lease from russia for a ten year long period .

leased to the indian navy in 2011 and commissioned underwater 2012 .

even this submarine comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines .

Sindhushosh class submarines

this sinduhushosh submarines is a attack submarines but before last three submarines we saw in them those propelled by nuclear power .

But this sindhuhosh submarines propelled by diesel electric means these submarines on diesel electric system .

this class submarines was come in news when was INS sindhuratna accident happened in 2014 .

in this accident cause of some failures some smoke was detected .

this class submarines comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines .

Kalvari class submarines

these kalvari class submarines are diesel electric attack submarines and these submarines have arnaments varunastra torpedoes and ship missiles .

these submarines is based on scorpene class submarines , these submarines designed by french company DCNS ( Directiondes construction navales ) and manufactured by MDL ( mazagon dock limited ) .

MDL ( mazagon dock limited ) located at mumbai . kalvari class is manufacturing at MDL Mumbai in India .

no anyone kalvari class submarine is not commission in Indian ocean but In future will commission .

This class have three submarines

  • INS Kalvari
  • INS Khanderi
  • INS Vela

12 january 2017 INS khanderi was launched and commissioned on 28 september in 2019 .

it can take depth 350 metre underwater and its length is 68 metre .

these submarines comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines .

Aircraft carriers

Aircraft carrier helps to carry aircraft fighter on itself because range of aircraft limited since limited fuel can insert in fuel tank of aircraft .

so navy use new type of warships which is aircraft carrier . this is also know as seagoing airbase . aircraft carriers very huge and it very expensive .

very less countries have these aircraft carriers .

INS Vikramaditya

this aircraft carrier purchased by russia , till 1996 this aircraft carrier serve for russia and where was name of this aircraft carrier Admarel Goshkov .

this name was kept on celebrated officer’s name .

In 2004 india bought this aircraft carrier and finally 2013 this aircraft carrier was commissioned and give to indian navy .

this aircraft carrier have armament include Barak 8 missile and this carrier can carry upto 34 aircraft .

this aircraft carrier comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines .

this aircraft carrier launched in 1 april 1982 and manufactured by sevmush at severodvinsk in Russia .

INS Viraat

this aircraft carrier is decomissioned on 6 march in 2017 because this is enough old and this carrier can carry 26 aircrafts .

india purchased by UK royal navy where was this carrier serve and the name was HMS Hermes this carrier commissioned in 1987 .

and it length was 226.5 metre , this carrier has armament include Bofors AA guns , Barak 1 ( surface to air missile ) and AK – 230 ( Place of origin – soviet union ) .

this aircraft carrier comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines .


when warships in fleet is moving so destroyers must put in fleet or group of warships and destroyers works as a defender against smaller power attackers .

And destroyers have a lot of weapons .

Kolkata class destroyers

This class destroyers are very important for indian navy and these destroyers have technology of stealth .

these destroyers is also known as stealth guild missiles destroyers .

cause of stealth technology it is typical to detect by SONAR , RADOR and other technology .

And it can launch guilded missile and these destroyers is manufactured in MDL ( mazagon dock limited ) located in mumbai .

kolkata class destroyers have mareech advanced torpedo defence system .

and these destroyers has kavach decoy .

kavach decoy — by this enemy does not able find out warships graphical location .

And armament include Barak 8 and brahmos missiles .

it can carry two helicopter .

these destroyers comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines .

  1. INS Kolkata —- commissioned in 2014
  2. INS Kochi —– commissioned in 2015
  3. INS Chennai —- commissioned in 2016

Project 15B Vishakhapatanam class destroyers

these destroyers has armament including barak 8 and brahmos missile .

there will be two destroyers one is INS Vishakhapatnam and INS Mormugao

these destroyers also can carry two helipcopters .

this class destroyers comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines


Corvettes is a small warship and it can carry very less weapons . these corvettes moves in fleet or group with destroyers .

kamorta class corvettes

kamorta class corvette can carry upto 1 helicopter with less quantity weapons .

kamorta class corvettes

  1. INS Kamorta — commissioned in 2014
  2. INS Kadmatt —- commissioned in 2016
  3. INS Kiltan
  4. INS Kavaratti

kamorta class corvettes is Anti submarines stealth corvettes and detection of these corvette very tough by sonar and rador .

these corvettes is manufactured by GRSE ( Garden reach ship builder and engineers limited ) located at kolkata .


Frigates is small big than corvettes and frigates moves in more speed , it gives protection to fleet defenders , it can stop attacks from underwater as well as overwater .

most of countries have frigates but some develop countries have frigates as well as destroyers include India .

Project 17 clas frigates / shivalik class frigates

these frigates is Guided missile frigates and these frigates is manufactured by MDL ( Mazagon dock limited ) .

these frigates has armaments include Barak 8 missile .

it can carry 2 helicopters .

frigates comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines .

this class have three frigates

  1. INS Shivalik —- commissioned in 2010
  2. INS Satpura — commissioned in 2014
  3. INS Sahyadri —– commissioned in 2012

Project 17A Class frigates

Project 17A clas frigates have armaments include Barak 8 and BrahMos missiles .

Length of project 17A Class frigates 149 metre .

Speed of this frigates is 52 kilometre/hour .

this frigates has Kavach decoy technology .

these frigates can carry two helicopters .

this frigates comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines .

INS Jalashawa Dock

This warship is an amphibious transport dock and it very helpful for navy .

Amphibious warfare ;- when war is happening from land , ocean and air .

this warship participate in war with 6 helicopters , can carry in big amount of weapons , many boats and with many commanders .

this was launched in 3 august 1968 .

the length of this warship is 173 metre .

And speed of this warship is 40 kilometre/hour ( 20 knot ) .

And this dock commissioned in 2007

INS Astradharini

this warship is designed India ( Indeginiouly ) and this is Torpedo launch and recovery vessel . this warship will use to take technical trails underwater developed by NSTL .

NSTL is a naval system laboratory of DRDO .

INS Astradharini made by the collaborations of NSTL , M/S Shoft shipyard and IIT Kharakpur .

this warship can attain speed upto 15 knots .

this ship comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines

INS Deepak

this warship is a replenishment ship .

Replenishment :- means this ship works to providing fuel to aircrafts and ships .

whenever fuel run down of any ship , INS Deepak help to filling fuel to that ship .

this ships was manufactured by an italian shipbuilding company .

this ship was commissioned in 2011 .

INS Tarmugli

this is a water jet fast Attack craft ( WJFAC ) and this ship moves in high speed or qickly , this craft does not have more armament but have few armament .

In few armament are heavy machine gun , medium machine gun and shoulder launched surface to air missile igla .

INS Tarmugli made for fast attack and quick response.

The name was kept of this craft which in andaman group .

this is manufacturing at GRSE Limited ( garden reach and ship engineers ) in Kolkata .

INS Tihayu

this is also water jet fast attack craft ( WJFAC ) . This made for quick responce during war .

its speed over 35 knots .

this craft have armament heavy machine gun , medium machine gun and shoulder launced surface to air missile igla .

this is also manufacturing in GRSE ( Garden reach and ship engineers ) located in Kolkata .

The name was kept on tihayu island of nicobar groups .

this is also commissioned in 2016 .

this ship comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines

Boeing P8i

this is not warship but this was provided to indian naval and this is anti submarine warfare .

this plane works when indian naval has to watch geography of other teritories so this plane get imformation of this teritory and send to indian naval .

This plane is manufactured by the Boeing company located in united states .

Range of this plane is 2,222 kilometre and top speed of this plane 908 kilometre / hour .

Length of this plane is 39 metre .

first boeing p8i taken in 2013 and order was of 8 boeing p8i .

today these all was commissioned .

GSAT 7 satellite

this satellite operate by ISRO , all imformation and enemies location in indian ocean shared with indian naval .

this satellite is also known as Rukmini .

this satellite was developed by ISRO .

The satellite in operation since 2013 .

this satellite use by Indian Navy .

the weight of this satellite is 2,650 kilograms .

this satellite comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines .

Difference between destroyers and frigates ?

In the world destroyers and frigates comes in more use in world’s navy . these warships makes for speed , meneuverability , squat of big fleets and give protection to fleets .

Both of destroyers and frigates are able to stop underwater attack , overwater attacks and air attacks .

most of thing are similar in destroyers and frigates .

Europian countries destroyers and frigates does same as well .

most of countries have frigates where as 13 developed countries have destroyers as well as frigates .

  • Destroyers have big size in compare of frigates .

these days frigates and destroyers have same size . destroyers have more speed and frigates have big size as have destroyers .

Today china has only 52 frigates , more or less taiwan has 24 firgates and In third number united state has 22 frigates .

where as india has only 13 frigates .

united nation only one country which has 68 destroyers , second number japan has 37 destroyers and china has 33 destroyers .

where as india has only 12 destoryers .

since destroyer big in size so easily can carry more weapon and its penetration power very high .

where as frigates is small in size so it can not carry more weapons .

And Big and power rador use in destroyers .

that’s why a destroyers turns more power than frigates .

destroyers does more aircover and fire power that’s why destroyers use in battlegroup and In battlegroup destroyers does stop attacks and air protection by destroyers .

A destroyer have more speed in compare of small size frigates . powerful and big engine does not use in frigates for improving speed and power .

world fastest frigate is indian shivalik class frigates and its speed 32 knots

59 km/h . average frigates speed 48 km/h to 55km/h .

both are destroyers and frigates comes in list of indian naval ships and submarines .

if you want to about india china war 1962

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