Cuba is a island located at north america , the cuban missile crisis cold war was happened in 1962 and this cuban missile crisis war ran 16 October to 28 October .

In parallel India were fighting war against china Sino indian war was started from 20 October . Since India selected non aligned countries therefore America and USSR both did not helped to india in war .

How was started Cuban missile crisis war ?

before 1945 , No one country had nuclear bombs or weapons or missiles during world war 2 so destruction could not spread much .

but after world war 2 if USA and USSR had attacked on each other with their nuclear bombs or nuclear weapons , ALL world or earth would finished completely .

because America and Soviet Union both were nuclear states . Both USA and USSR managed to make huge amount of nuclear weapons .

After cold war , 1945 and Swiss crisis since Britist supremacy had finished so America and Soviet Union both were developing economically and financially

Were growing their military and theirs nuclear weapons .

In one side America was supporting to democracy .

Another Soviet Union was supporting to Communism .

So some countries were going to support toward America and some countries were going to support Soviet Union .

who all countries did not want to go neither towards America nor towards Soviet Union so who all could have do this .

As soon as communism came in Cuba so America did start counter to Cuba .

Since Cuba was turned communism country therefore USSR deployed his nuclear missiles .

Problem was produced between America and USSR in CUBA .

why was not happened war in Cuba?

The war in Cuba could not success to happen because Fidel Castro and Nikita khrushchev knew that if once nuclear missile fire on cuba or america or USSR .

A revolution would arise in throughout the world During the Cuban missile crisis cold war .

therefore both fidel castro and nikita khrushchev were avoiding to this war.

background of Cuban missile crisis cold war

In 1945 Germany had lost in world war then neighboring countries of Germany succeeded to occupied Germany in parts after division of Germany .

Germany was converted into west Germany and East Germany .

west Germany was a democratic and republic country and controlled by United state , UK and France .

East Germany controlled by USSR And this was communism .

Cuba is a neighbor country of America . Cuba was turned toward communism in 1962 .

Something history of Cuba was a colony of Spain and capital is Havana ( sugar of the world) , Cuba succeeded to get independence in 1898 from Spain Since Cuba was not economically strong country so could not get independence completely .

So Cuba was delivered to America by Spain . Finally Cuba managed to get independence completely in 1902 from America as well as Spain .

Since Cuban revolution ran 1953 to 1954 so communism had produced in Cuba . Again and again america tried to invasion in Cuba for producing democracy because america supported to democracy .

PIG INVASION was happened in Cuba by America done this and CIA official were included in PIG INVASION .

in Cuban revolution , fidel castro was a leader of this revolution and fidel castro was trying to producing communism in Cuba .

Many times america did invasion in Cuba but these all invasions had failed because Fidel castro managed to produced communism within 6 years .

Fidel castro succeeded to make huge army against America . Cuba people were stand by Fidel Castro after he made prime minister 1959 to 2008 .

And In 1976 a new constitution had come in Cuba so completely communism had come in Cuba .

So soviet union started to support to Cuba because of Communism .

Since Cuba was very near to America and very far soviet union to Cuba . if Cuba needed help instantly so Soviet union could not help .

therefore soviet union deployed their nuclear missiles in Cuba for counter of America or to stop invasion of America .

In 1953 Joseph Stalin had been died in USSR So Nikita khrushchev’s became leader of USSR .

Nikita khrushchev felt John F Kennedy is weak impression in politics .

after John F Kennedy was murdered by someone .

So Nikita khrushchev felt that we should take over on west Germany as well.

Since USSR did deploy his short range inter continental missile .

Even America deployed his nuclear missiles in Turkey .

American spying plane fly over Cuba for tracking activities of USSR and Cuba .

beginnings of Cuban missile crisis cold war

In August 29 , spying plane of America founded illegal activities in Cuba and american spying plane caught soviet union to deploy their nuclear missiles in Cuba .

the spying plane of america was U-2 Plane , succeeded to catch to Soviet Union .


USSR was starting to deploy missiles R-12 and R-16 in Cuba and R-12 , R-16 were medium range ballistic missiles used in Cuban missile crisis cold war.

USSR was selected 9 sites to deploy their missiles .

And america has known about these activities and tension has created in america on 14 October in 1962 .


It had conformed that missiles had deployed successfully in Cuba during Cuban missile crisis cold war .

what all may have america done against USSR deployment of missiles in Cuba?

  • America may have analysis of ‘ What soviet union wanted to do , what soviet union was doing ‘ and Wait for their actions .
  • America may have done diplomacy in United Nation where america would make pressure on USSR for removing nuclear missiles .
  • USSR was not accepting that our cargo ships delivered nuclear missiles in Cuba
  • America may have tried airstrike on Cuba where all nuclear missile sites was located .
  • America may have put full invasion on Cuba during Cuban missile crisis cold war .
  • John F Kennedy president of America was avoiding this war because that time population of US was only 100 millions who may have died in this war during Cuban missile crisis cold war .

timeline of Cuban missile crisis Cold war

In October 16 , 1962 Ex-Comma’s meeting was happened , Ex-Comma was a Committee created by John.F.Kennedy this committee made for give advice on Cuban missile crisis cold war . this committee contain big leaders of America .

  • In October 18 , 1962 attorney general Robert kennedy of America mat to foreign minister Andrei Gromyka of Soviet Union and in this meeting USSR did not accept their deployment of missile in Cuba .
  • In October 19 , Ex-comma committee suggested to president of America that we can do blockade to Cuba for stopping cargo ships or entering of USSR in Cuba during Cuban missile crisis cold war .
  • But after president did not blockade to Cuba because blockade known as a first step of War .
  • Even Ex-comma suggested for invasion in Cuba but president did not invasion in Cuba as well .
  • In October 22 , America president comes in front of public and American president inform to USSR that was if USSR attack on America and it will accept as a act of war on us .
  • this speech was written on 21 October , address to public on 22 October .
  • October 23 , nikita khrushchev stopped their ships near to blockade in Cuba . Nikita Khrushchev said we will not move forward our ships for controlling conditions .
  • Even USSR was in fear of America actions .
  • October 24 , america wanted that USSR carried back their nuclear missiles from Cuba but USSR did not accept that nuclear missiles is deployed there .
  • Then after United Nation was also did pressurized to USSR for taking back their nuclear missiles .
  • October 25 , American president John.F.Kennedy gave orders to increase flight in a day over to Cuba .
  • October 26 , 1962 again discussion was started on invading Cuba because blockade was not working against Cuba and USSR .
  • Fidel Castro was turned into Inpatience and fidel castro wanted that USSR attacked on America by nuclear missiles .
  • But Nikita khrushchev was taking care about people of America .
  • After two days John.F.Kennedy denied for invading Cuba because USSR was agreed for carry back their nuclear missiles from Cuba And Another condition of USSR was that USA will have carry back their missiles as well from Turkey and Italy .
  • So John.F.Kennedy was agreed with first condition , USA did not invaded Cuba and after some time USA was having to remove their nuclear missiles from Cuba and Turkey .

speech of Kennedy

this speech gave by John.F.Kennedy that time who was president of United state America and this speech gave during Cuban missile crisis cold war .

On 22 October this speech was given at 7:00 pm to the people of United states America on television about the Cuban missile crisis cold war .

And on that speech John.F.Kennedy said that if USSR had fire nuclear missiles in western hemisphere from Cuba , United state America would done counterblast to Soviet Union .

Responses through other countries

  • During Cuban missile crisis cold war , china and chinese people were supported to Cuban people . this was said by people’s daily newspaper .
  • Since west Germany ruled by US , UK and France therefore newspaper of west Germany was supporting to America .
  • the head of catholic church pope John paul of Italy , he wanted peach between soviet Union and United state America during Cuban missile crisis cold war .

After this Cuban missile crisis cold war

Both America and Soviet union were agreed with conditions of each others . A hotline was established between America and Soviet Union then America never did interfere in Cuba .

In 1991 Soviet Union was disintegrated completely .

Before In 1989 west Germany and East Germany were Grow together And now Chancellor of Germany is Angela Merkel .


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